8 Best Patriotic Songs Karaoke That Are Best For Stage Performance

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8 Best Patriotic Songs Karaoke That Are Best For Stage Performance

Language Divides, Music Unites. Absolutely true! Indian patriotic songs Karaoke is proof. No matter what you speak, Hindi, Bengali or Punjabi, or so on, music makes us groove, forgetting those regional boundaries. And it’s time to hum those songs as Republic day is on the way. They can give you goosebumps, make you emotional, uplift your patriotic zeal, and set deep into your heart.

But the Bollywood patriotic songs karaoke being on the mind every time finding the best regional patriotic songs can be a bit hard. Karaoke shops are the best place to find out the tracks in your preferred language. They have both regional and Bollywood tracks that are of high quality.  

There is no shortage of songs, and finding the Best Indian Patriotic Karaoke Songs to Sing is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Not at all; we have collected high-quality songs from the different regions just for you.

Get the latest karaoke tracks from the regional karaoke shop. You can find any track in the language you prefer.

Hum Along With These Best Indian Patriotic Karaoke Songs 

  1. Vande Bharathambe Karaoke

Trichur brothers highlight Carnatic music’s importance across the globe, and their new edition adds patriotic vibes. Vande Bharathambe from the south reflects the Navy, Indian Army, and Air Force soldiers hardships. The song has gained lots of appreciation on social media and is one of the best patriotic karaoke songs in the Kannada category.  

  • Sabna Toh Uchhi Karaoke

Punjabi songs are very vibrant and loud. It can lift mood anytime and make you grove on the dhols. Sabina Toh Ucchi is the best of both Punjabi music and patriotic karaoke songs. 

  • Manavta Ke Mann Mandir Mein Karaoke

We have anthems and songs to pay tribute to the freedom fighters and soldiers and express our love for the nation. But, have you ever sung prayer for the nation? Manavta Ke Mann Mandir Mein is a patriotic prayer to make the country a safe place for everyone.

These regional songs will steal your heart and make this national occasion unforgettable, so get the tracks now. Apart from these, Bollywood has given ample patriotic songs. 

  • Zindagi Maut Na Bann Jaaye Karaoke

All songs from the Sarfarosh are outstanding and hit straight to the heart, but this one is beyond all Bollywood patriotic songs karaoke.

  • Des Mere Des Karaoke

The Legend of Bhagat Singh, a 2002 movie was a blockbuster hit, and its songs are deep and emotional. Des Mere Des in Rahman and Sukhwinder’s voice and on-screen performance by Ajay Devgan will take you on an emotional roller coaster.

  • Ye Jo Des Hai Tera Karaoke

Indians are all over the world, spreading the culture across the globe. But it doesn’t matter where we are; the love for the nation won’t be affected. This particular song from Swades movie depicts the same and will bring you closer to the nation. So, get this Hindi patriotic karaoke mp3.

  • It Happens Only In India Karaoke

India is a unique country with a different culture, yet standing strong as a nation worldwide. Celebrate India’s uniqueness with one of these best patriotic karaoke tracks.

  • Woh Bharat Desh Hai Mera Karaoke

In the soothing voice of Mohammad Rafi, Woh Bharat Desh Hai Mera is the unforgettable melody of all time. All are appreciated in this song from the country’s mesmerizing beauty, weather, forests, rivers, yogis.

These were the best patriotic karaoke songs for Republic day you can get from karaoke shops. They are at your doorstep to pump up the nation’s love with unforgettable melodies. Remember though the language differs across the country, feelings toward the nation remain the same.

3 months ago

Loved the list !!! .. I think '' Mai rahun ya na rahun Bharat ye rehna chahiye '' needs to be on too. Really gives you the feels :-)

2 months ago

I think Jai Ho by A.R. Rahman should be on this list.

1 month ago

All the songs in this list are great but I would choose "Zindagi Maut Na Bann Jaaye Karaoke" for my performance.

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