A gift for all Telugu Music lovers Evolution Of Music In Telugu Film Industry

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A gift for all Telugu Music lovers Evolution Of Music In Telugu Film Industry

Music plays an intrinsically important part in Indian movies, be it Bollywood or Tollywood. The narrative of the movie is entirely incomplete without songs, irrespective of language. That is why the album of one particular movie is so diverse because each song portrays a different emotion at different junctures of the movie. Every scene is backed up with a song related to either the scene's theme or the characters' emotions. From joy, celebration, happiness, love, gratitude, togetherness to sadness, grief, loneliness, guilt, heartbreak, one album includes every emotion listeners feel in day to day life. Such is the versatility of the artists and the industry. It holds for even the Telugu Film industry, which is in a transition period lately. Tollywood is in the phase of investing more into contemporary and commercial music. With the boom of social media, it is well understood that music can get the audience's attention, breaking the language barrier. The song's particular tune or hook often gets popular on the web. Then everybody starts looking up to the movie. The non-Telugu speaking audience comes in the realm of Tollywood either for ultra unreal action scenes or for a fun, catchy musical number. That is just how this industry has been thriving in the north half of the country. 

We are very well aware of the time when the industry was limited to its native audience. South Indian movies garnered reciprocation only from the south side of the country. The music was also significantly inclined to classical instruments and folk songs because of the states' rich culture and harmony and the harmony of typical classical percussions being every Tamilian soul's favourite. 

However, the industry did observe the competition Bollywood indirectly posed it to. While most people from states other than Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala may not understand Telugu, even residents of these states understand Hindi. There was an upsurge in the viewership switch to Bollywood when Hindi movies started getting dubbed into multiple languages from Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. The more Telugu as a language came into the mainstream, the more viewership changed. To ensure that Tollywood could compete well in the market, it was essential to take the industry beyond the South Indian states' limits to make it more appealing and understandable for the non- Telugu crowd. 

If we observe the latest Tollywood movies, we notice a rather interesting trend called the ''happy vibe'' songs. Whatever the movie's central theme might be, it will always have a happy go lucky cheerful toned song. It is because not only it is comparatively catchy, ranks high in the trend score, but also because happiness and joy is an emotion easy to associate with. Therefore, today Telugu Film Industry is perceived more like the ''cheery'' industry because of how strongly most movies cling to it for higher crowd resonance. 

This joy increases to two folds with how foot-tapping and karaoke friendly these songs are. You heard that right. If not singing, you will find every karaoke lover humming to the tunes of the Tollywood movies. This throttles the demand for Telugu Karaoke Songs and sources that provide Telugu Karaoke Songs With Lyrics for flawless karaoke party sessions. 

In this blog, we compile some of the best Telugu Karaoke Songs for you so that you can sync to your favourite Tollywood songs nonstop. 

  • Aakalesthe- from the movie 'Shankar Dada Zindabad', this song was such a massive hit that it was later remade as a Bollywood number in the movie 'Bhaag Johnny'.
  • Appudo Ippudo- From the movie 'Bommarillu', this song has it all. From the chemistry of Siddhartha and Genelia to the soulful lyrics, everything about this song hits a different note, which makes it particularly ideal for a karaoke duo. 
  • Butta Bomma- It is quite impossible that you have not come across this song or the poster of ‘Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo’. Starring the ever dashing Allu Arjun and gorgeous Pooja Hegde, this song has taken over social media by rave.
  • Bharaso Bahusha Wo Chanchala- With the overwhelming lyric and beautiful emancipation of love, this song from the film ‘Vaarudu’ accurately captures the beauty of innocent love.
  • Undile Manchi Kaalam- This retro number from the movie ‘Ramudu Bheemudu’ is still a crowd favourite. It doesn't cease to resonate with karaoke lovers, thanks to its simple melody and enchanting lyrics. 
  • Thanivi Theeraledhe- is one of the most romantic and evergreen Telugu songs from the movie ‘Guduputani’. In the voice of S.P Balasubrahmanyam and P. Susheela, this song connects with your heart on the first chorus itself. You can sing it in duet, in a group, or alone, and yet your heart will yearn to sing it all over again.

Now that you are all set with the top Telugu karaoke playlist go on, adjust your mics boombox, unleash the Thalaiva in you, and conquer every Regional karaoke session ever.

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