Add A Spoonful Of Magic In Your Life This Monsoon Season With These All Time Favorite Bollywood Karaoke Songs

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Add A Spoonful Of Magic In Your Life This Monsoon Season With These All Time Favorite Bollywood Karaoke Songs

Monsoon is a season to relax and enjoy. When heavy rains are pouring outside, we all love to enjoy tea or coffee with our favorite snacks sitting beside the window. Rain is so powerful that it stops all other voices and all you can hear is the sound of water drops. This rhythm of rainwater is often translated into varied meanings by us. Sometimes we become like a child who wants to dance in the rain, sometimes we sing a song remembering our loved ones, and sometimes we just give ourselves time sitting alone and enjoying the rain.

As we all relate different emotions like love, happiness, joy, bliss, romance, etc. with rain, but monsoon means melodious music in Bollywood movies. Beautiful nature is extensively used in songs to tell stories and listening to them makes us feel relaxed. Tuning monsoon songs actually creates a good mood and drives us to dance and sing along with them. 

Are you also searching for such all-time favorite Bollywood Karaoke Songs that set the right mood for the rain, the tea, and the pakoras? Regional Karaoke has curated a list of some best monsoon songs that you would definitely want to add to your list. Check out now – 

Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si – When you think about rain, this is probably the first song that will hit your mind. Featuring Madhubala and Kishore Kumar, the song is a complete package of mischief, humor, and wit. Enjoy the wonderful rainy season and let others groove when you sing along with this hit track. 

Tum Hi Ho – Tum Hi Ho is a super-duper hit song known for expressing intense love to your beloved one. If you want to express your feelings to someone special, none other songs can be better than this. Croon over to this romantic love ballad with a professional quality karaoke version available right here. Download now and start singing!

Rimjhim Rimjhim – This is another romantic monsoon song that is loved by all till now. This love ballad has featured Manisha Koirala and Anil Kapoor and is originally sung by Kumar Sanu and Kavita Krishnamurthy. This evergreen monsoon song is a must to be on your karaoke playlist as its wonderful lyrics and melodious tunes will surely make you sing along with it. 

Cham Cham – Cham Cham is a chartbuster Bollywood track that makes everyone groove to its infectious tunes. This off-beat dance number is just perfect to groove and sing along to celebrate the monsoon season. Revolve around passion and romance and feel the blow of fresh air when you sing it with the studio-quality Cham Cham karaoke song available right here.

Rimjhim Gire Saawan – This old but evergreen Bollywood song depicts the roads, taxis, seashore, traffic, of Bombay at that time. Sung by legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, the song will be a perfect treat for your listeners when you hum along with it in your next monsoon karaoke party. Buy prime-quality karaoke tracks of this song today and enjoy the season to the fullest.

Rain songs and Bollywood always go side by side. Rock this whole monsoon season by singing along with the karaoke songs of these popular Bollywood numbers. Visit Regional Karaoke today and explore the vast karaoke collection of monsoon songs available for you to download at unbeatable prices. Shop now!

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