Best Hindi Christian Karaoke Songs For Christmas Eve

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Best Hindi Christian Karaoke Songs For Christmas Eve

Celebrating birth has been a part of all religious traditions for a long time now. This practice was, however, rooted in the beliefs of the pagans. Pagans believed that on days of significant changes, evil forces surround one. Therefore, since the day you turn older is of much significance, one must celebrate the day they are born with their family and pray to God and all other benevolent forces to keep malice forces at bay. 

Therefore, celebrating the day God was born is of utmost joy and importance. And since Christmas is the day Christ was born to this world, the day resembles the very existence of Christianism. 

When the world ultimately gave up on morality, diverged on the path of greed, superstition, hatred, hypocrisy and the minds of men were clouded by ignorance. When compassion was neglected and purity lost, Jesus Christ was born at such time. He then redeemed the world and brought men back on the right path, which would lead to spiritual salvation. He survived, struggled and emancipated the world from evil by taking all of it upon himself, demonstrating the ultimate act of selflessness. Therefore, every Christmas marks the spiritual awakening with the birth of Jesus, and followers of Christianity around the world celebrate it in their folkways. Making rum cakes, decorating Christmas trees, hosting gala feats, reading Christmas stories, enjoying Christmas carols and waiting for our favourite Santa, the joy of Christmas eve is relentless. 

To add more stars to that celebration, people also indulge in gaiety karaoke sessions, singing and paying odes to God and celebrating the joy of togetherness with the grace of God. 

Therefore, this Christmas, we bring you the best Christian Karaoke Songs to add more stars and shine to your Christmas karaoke parties. 

  • Dekho Yarusalem Mein- from the ‘Palm Sunday’ album in the mesmerising voice of James Lyall, this song resembles Christ’s victory over death and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. 
  • O Pita Para- this song is also a classic Father’s day song in the voice of Parthiv Gohil. However, it respects the Almighty for his grace, glory and generosity.
  • Sooli Pe Tarapta- renunciation of the hardship and suffering Christ had to undergo to win the world its spiritual salvation, this song in the melodious voice of Muhammad Ali Shaikhi is a beautiful rendition of Gods relentless love for his children.  
  • Yerushalem Ki Gali Gali Mein- in the voice of Muhammad Ali Shaikhi again from the album ‘Lahoo Ki Dhaar’, this song makes one believe how God is not out there for one to seek, but he resides in all of us. This song is a particular favourite and an inevitable part of every Christmas karaoke party.
  • Yesu Tu Hai Mahan- in the voice of Vijay Benedict, this song is all about cherishing the power of belief, belief in oneself, belief in God and the oneness of self and Almighty. 
  • Yesu Raja Yesu Raja- in the soulful voice of S. J. Berchmans, this song from the much acclaimed ‘Jebathotta Jeyageethangal’ album shares the message that Christ deemed to portray and share through his own life, the beauty of compassion, love and dignity towards all. 

Regional Karaoke, your Karaoke Santa makes sure that you don’t have to go hunting for recordings anymore. With the category of Christian karaoke songs with lyrics, you are all set to host and ace every Christmas karaoke night. Merry Christmas ho ho ho!

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