Celebrate Onam This Year With Evergreen Malayalam Karaoke Songs

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Celebrate Onam This Year With Evergreen Malayalam Karaoke Songs

Just as the rainstorm says goodbye to the land of South India, the atmosphere is loaded up with power, bliss, and joy with the appearance of Onam, a wonderful festival celebrated significantly in Kerala. From the unpredictably decorated elephants to the wild Pulikali artists, and from the tremendous snake boats arranged at the shore to the dazzling flower embellishments, this celebration paints the state in a larger number of tones than you can envision.

Marking the end of monsoon and beginning of harvest season, Onam is a festival celebrated all over India with its origin in Kerala state. Being one of the biggest festivals, it reflects the rich culture and tradition of the state in the most unique way. There are numerous songs too that captures the intrinsic feeling of the harvest festival resonating the ethos of the people of the state. 

Unfortunately, this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain limitations on Onam festivities at various places. Indeed, to keep up the genuine soul of the celebration, people have chosen to go serene this year, and to commend the delight of celebration and togetherness with their family and friends at their homes. Regional Karaoke has come up with a list of popular Malayalam Karaoke Songs for you to make Onam celebrations bigger, bringing along fun, happiness and hope with it.

Kuttanadan KaraokeThis beautiful song is an absolute crowd favorite. It is being sung very popularly and is loved by the listeners as well. Download the Kuttanadan karaoke track available here and let others enjoy while you sing along with it. It holds a sure place in your karaoke playlist and is just the perfect song to start your Onam celebrations.

Neeyoru Vasantham KaraokeThis is another famous song sung by the evergreen Malayalam singer. It perfectly enshrines the pure joy and happiness people experience during the entire festival season.  This song definitely makes it to the list of top 5 popular Malayalam karaoke tracks.

Devi Nin Roopam KaraokeJoin into the Onam celebrations and make the event more joyful by singing  in your voice. Enjoy this cheerful melody and mark the coming of harvest season in a melodious way. Get the karaoke track of this popular number downloaded instantly only at Regional Karaoke. 

Oru Theeyalayi KaraokeThis gem of song definitely deserves a place in your karaoke playlist. Sung in the mellifluous voice of , it is an evergreen favorite track of the music lovers. No matter how many songs you have in your playlist, Onam celebrations will always be incomplete without this song.

Thaalangalil Nee Karaoke: This is undoubtedly one of the best Onam songs, that truly captures the essence of the festival. Sung by popular singers, this song will take you to a great journey of happiness and will make people enjoy the day to the fullest. 

Interestingly, there are many melodies which have a solid association with this extravagant festival of Kerala. All things considered, we have picked the best Malayalam songs to perk you up on this wonderful occasion in case you are seriously missing the festivals this year. Head to the Regional Karaoke website now and download your favorite Malayalam Karaoke With Lyrics instantly. We bring you great offers and special discounts on every purchase. So, why wait for more, get ready to celebrate this great festival with us in a melodious and sweet way!

4 months ago

The playlist is pretty good. I am impressed with the choice of tracks for Onam.

3 months ago

All the songs listed in this blog are perfect for the Onam celebration.

2 months ago

As being Malayali, Onam is my favorite festival and the "Kuttanadan" song gives the perfect vibe for Onam.

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