Celebrate Women’s Day 2022 With These Empowering Karaoke Tracks

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Celebrate Women’s Day 2022 With These Empowering Karaoke Tracks

Adam never ordered Eve to pluck apples for him, nor did Eve ever ask for his permission to hunt in the forest. There was a time when the world did not recognize gender and equality. Men and women did not know what they should and should not do. They followed their instinct and the flow of nature. They did what they felt right at that moment. They were delighted with whatever they could do while living together in a community. Long gone are those good old days.

Those golden days were followed by the selfishness and insecurity of men. They started considering themselves superior to women. They started dictating the lives of the opposite sex, making rules regarding what only women are supposed to do, must do, and what they should not do, while reserving the entitlement of specific actions exclusively to themselves. The early monarchy system and theories of family unit prove this, as only the prince was known as the proper heir of the king to ascend the throne. Similarly, the head of the family, or Karta, was always the eldest male. The privilege of power and praying to the universe's ultimate power was also taken by man alone. Women were not allowed to fight in the army or trade or even enter the temple and participate in religious activities. Polygamy was the norm, and polyandry was a sin. The job of raising children, maintaining family order, and doing household chores was theirs alone. The existence of women was considered to aid and assist men and nothing more. Once her husband died, she had no right to live, or so was proved by the practice of Sati, where the widow was burned alive on her dead husband's pier. In India, marriage is believed to make a man out of a boy. Hence, child marriages prevailed for centuries and still do in remote villages.

This challenge called for change. Change to the filthy ideology of patriarchal society, to the system that supported this ideology and nurtured it for decades. The struggle was consciously recognized as the need of the hour in all parts of the world by everyone and hence began the movement of gender equality. Basics of living and human dignity or human rights were addressed aloud. Instead of succumbing to the obstacles put forth, women and people belonging to all age groups came forward to fight against this global issue. Women came out with their own stories to suppress the oppression without repression. As a result, there is an evident improvement in all the nations in terms of the welfare of women and treating them on par with men. Changes have been made there politically and at different other levels such as in healthcare, dignity, representation, and employment. From the IT sector to defense, from sports to entrepreneurship to heading international organizations and even nations, women's journey has come a long way. International Women's Day captures the essence of the years of struggle. 

March 8th denotes an extraordinary day – International Women's Day, and this year the theme is about 'ending violence against women. Even though gender equality ought to be praised each day, it is the day to highlight the female figures in our lives and those in our society who commit their lives to the cause. 

Why March 8?

The movement for women's dignity spurred out from the universal female suffrage movement of New Zealand and celebrating this day commemorated from the labor movements of North America and Europe in the early 20th century. The earliest version documented of this day was when a "Women's Day" was organized by the Socialist Party of America in New York City on February 28, 1909, at the suggestion of women's rights activist Theresa Malkiel. Soon this inspired German delegates at the International Socialist Women's Conference, 1910, to celebrate a 'special Women's Day' without any set date in particular. However, only after women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, International Women's Day is deemed a national holiday on March 8 and later adopted by the UN in 1977.  

This day reflects on all the causes that women have been fighting for regarding their right to vote, education, political representation, equal wage, and opportunities. Today, in 2022, you may wonder how far we have come, from oppression to representation. It is awe-worthy how women had to fight for things that are not even a privilege but the most generic tenets of society. Hence, International Women's Day is about cherishing the struggles of establishing equity to attain equality.  

Therefore we firmly believe that today everyone should be a feminist. What better approach is to celebrate this special day than by listening to some beautiful song that shows the real power of women. Songs that press upon their struggles of everyday life, fighting against the judgmentalism, the colonial radicalization, the deeply rooted patriarchy, the elemental chauvinism, the generalization of opinion, the ignorance of virtues, the violence, and everything in the aftermath which comes at the cost of dignity and equal rights. When you buy karaoke online, it will surely give you a level up in spirit, add sparkles to your shine, and an extra 'oomph' to your moves! Regardless of whether you're celebrating this special day at home or with your friends in a restaurant – take this karaoke playlist with you to rock the party wherever you go!

  • Badal Pe Paon Hain – Chak De! India

What could be better than seeing people win who have been ridiculed and discouraged to never touch the sky! Sung in the voice of Hema Sardesai, Badal Pe Paon Hain is a popular song from Shah Rukh Khan starrer sports drama Chak De! India. The song shows the struggle of women who did not give up on their dream to do the best for their country. This track ranks top in all-time women empowerment songs. Everyone will totally love crooning to Badal Pe Paon Hain karaoke this Women's Day!

  • Jeete Hain Chal – Neerja

Jeete Hain Chal is a profoundly uplifting tune from the movie Neerja and sung by Kavita Seth with incredible verses written by Prasoon Joshi. Sonam Kapoor portrayed the character of 23-year-old air hostess Neerja Bhanot who lost her life, saving hundreds of people from hijackers. Women's day is the best time to praise the compassion and kindness of this real-life hero by crooning over this heart-touching track with studio-quality Jeete Hain Chal karaoke.

  • Patakha Guddi – Highway

Patakha Guddi from the 2014 film Highway is tied in with praising freedom. Sung by melodic Nooran sisters Sultana and Jyoti with the heartfelt music given by AR Rahman, the melody will right away elevate your mood. The tune spins around Alia Bhatt, where her character is getting freedom for the first time in her life, which incidentally comes when she has been seized. Sing this famous energetic track in your voice with the best quality karaoke available right here.

  • Jugni – Queen

This is another popular Bollywood number from the movie Queen depicting the power of women. The song is sung by talented singer Amit Trivedi and has such delightful verses that will cause you to value it every time you hear it. The lead role in the movie was played by super talented Kangana Ranaut. Again, the memorable song lyrics will make you think about life as a journey.

  • Girls Like To Swing – Dil Dhadakne Do

Girls Like To Swing from the movie Dil Dhadakne Do is a peppy song that will get everyone singing along with you. Sung by versatile singer Sunidhi Chauhan, the song will get your adrenaline rushing. Download professional quality Girls LikeTo Swing karaoke today to sing and groove along with your friends.

  • Hum To Aise Hain – Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

In the voice of two best playback singers in contemporary times, Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan, this song captures the heart of Banaras and the soul of a young girl well. The free-spirited, fun-loving, zealous, cheery, and chirpy side of a girl who can not care less about societal demagogy is what this song is all about in the camaraderie of two sisters calling out each other. It is the perfect song for duets and girl groups singing. 

  • Aali Re-No One Killed Jessica

This song gives you chills, especially the lyrics. Alpha male? Hello! The world is now ruled by she-wolves, and this song is perfect for this day; it could be your hype song every other day. You can be a woman and a boss wearing trousers simultaneously. 

  • Ziddi Dil – Mary Kom

There is nothing insurmountable if only a woman determines. She can beat the odds and the guns at the same time, and as long as you are alive, you should be sponsoring this pride, and this song could be your ultimate vibe. 

The Bollywood industry has given us many elevating melodies praising womanhood. So let us all admire & honor the role of women in society & their significant achievements in a musical way. Download the best quality karaoke versions of these uplifting songs celebrating womanhood available only at Regional Karaoke. Explore our vast collection & enjoy karaoke online at affordable prices. Shop now

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