Even those who don't have pet will start loving them: says '777 Charlie' director Kiran Raj

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Even those who don't have pet will start loving them: says '777 Charlie' director Kiran Raj

The director of the much-awaited movie '777 Charlie', Kiran Raj, has said the film would be a treat to dog lovers and even those who are not connected to pets.

Kiran Raj, who made a debut with this movie, shared his journey of this dream project with a news media company.

"All over the country we are getting feedback on the audience literally crying at the end of the trailer. The movie is an emotional roller coaster. I am sure pet lovers would love it undoubtedly. Those who are not connected to pets will start liking them after watching the movie," he said.

Talking about Charlie, the labrador in the movie, Kiran Raj said, "I have chosen the Labrador breed for the movie on purpose as it is highly expressive. It also aids the plot of the movie. When I saw the super hyper puppy, I decided to cast it. The puppy was trained for 2 to 2.6 years. There is a scene of Charlie hugging actor Rakshit Shetty, for that one-year training has been given," he added.

For the trailer of the movie that was released last week, he said: "Audiences are connecting with the 30-second emotional scenes, they will be experiencing a wonderful emotional journey throughout the movie."

"To ensure comparison should not arise with Hollywood movies where a number of movies have been made on this genre, we have toiled and one can proudly say that it is an Indian dog movie," he says.

Producer and hero Rakshit Shetty after hearing the story, first expressed that it is a universal subject and why it can't be made as a pan-India movie?
"I decided to take my time for preparation and it is done in a way that all regional people connect with it. The nuances like name of the place, registration numbers of vehicles won't look out of place in all languages," he said. Talking about his journey in the film industry, Kiran Raj said: "My financial state was critical. I worked as a waiter at a bar. Later, I came to Bengaluru to chase my dream. My short movie fetched contacts in the Kannada film industry and I started working as assistant director," he said.

For aspiring youngsters, Kiran Raj suggested that "once you are clear about your passion, you should not leave until you achieve it."
"My mother is super happy. Uncles, who were waiting for me to return with empty hands when I left my village in Kasaragod to take tiny steps in the film industry, are also happy for my success," he concluded. The film crew has adopted all the four labradors roped in the movie.
The movie will release in theatres on June 10 in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages and later on prestigious platforms. 

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