Exclusive: Finally Ranbir-Alia's wedding confirmed by Alia Bhatt’s brother Rahul Bhatt.

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Exclusive: Finally Ranbir-Alia's wedding confirmed by Alia Bhatt’s brother Rahul Bhatt.

The paparazzi town has been speculating about Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding date, venue, and other details for a long time now. But now, the rumor mills have been steer cleared by Bombay Times spoke exclusively to Alia’s half-brother, Rahul Bhatt in an exclusive interview with Bombay Times. He also spilled the beans on many interesting facts about Bollywood's big fat wedding. 

Rahul said, “Yes, the wedding is happening and I have been invited. I will be there for the ceremonies. However, I am not going to sing and dance. I am a gym instructor by profession and I will be there in the capacity of a bouncer (laughs!). I will be the rakshak at the wedding.”

He also shares how proud he is of his darling younger sister for being successful at such young age. He said, “I am really happy to see what she has achieved at such a young age. She has got a great body of work and she has found fame, fortune, and real love, which is non-existent in today’s time. She has been blessed with everything because of her choices, the Almighty, the blessings of her parents, and good karma. At the right age, she is making the right choices.”

When asked whether while growing up Alia ever discussed her idea of love and relationships with him, he adds laughing, “I am not the kind of a brother who she would discuss all this with. She was too scared that I would go and beat up the boyfriend instead.”

Lastly, about welcoming Ranbir to the family, Rahul nods positively adding, “We have met as kids. In recent times, I haven’t met Ranbir in the capacity of Alia’s boyfriend. He has achieved so much in life. I think Alia has made a good choice.”

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