It’s a Great Honor For Regional Karaoke To Work For The Bollywood's Showman Subhash Ghai Ji

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It’s a Great Honor For Regional Karaoke To Work For The Bollywood's Showman Subhash Ghai Ji

Mumbai, 15th May 2021 – The showman of Bollywood, Subhash Ghai is one of the most creative film directors and producers in the Indian film industry. The passion for films of this ace filmmaker has made him win the hearts of people. He is a man with endless qualities who has always treated movie lovers with his biggest Bollywood hits. Rightly called the “Showman” he has given us some memorable films like ‘Karz’, ‘Khalnayak’, ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘Taal’ and many other classics. Regional Karaoke is extremely honored to work for the legendary Bollywood director. 

For the people who have experienced childhood in the nineties, Bollywood was all about films based on retribution, drama, and romance. During this era, Subhash has ruled the roost for nearly three decades by giving some of the finest movies. 

Regional Karaoke (A Part of Carry a Tune Studio) feels glad in offering the best music production services to their worldwide clients. The music producers' squad consists of professionals with profound passion & creativity, effectively contributing to take music, & sound beyond the set limits. Together they work to remain consistent with their core beliefs of working with full genuineness and devotion in order to deliver an unparalleled experience tailored to their specific needs. 

Since the establishment, it has been a great journey for Regional Karaoke to meet the satisfaction level of the clients and this time they did it for Subhash Ghai. The prodigious team of Regional Karaoke having like-minded people persistently motivated with catching enthusiasm gave their best while performing at “Whistling Woods International”, the renowned film school of Subhash Ghai.

The Regional Karaoke team got the privilege to be invited by Mr. Ghai to perform a one-hour show at his film school for the students. It was a great fusion concert marking the presence of legendary musicians like Louie Banks, Gino Banks, Padmashree Hariharan, Shadaab Bhartiya,and many more. The Regional Karaoke team mesmerized everyone with their classic fusion where they blended Indian Ragas with the superb Jazz standards. This concert was a true learning experience & a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talent. 

Performing in front of these legendary musicians was a memorable experience and a step forward towards their professional success. Though being the biggest and most successful filmmakers of the Bollywood industry, Subhash Ghai is a great person by heart who always endeavors to train young people in a friendly way that makes them industry-ready. 

As music trends are evolving every hour, Regional Karaoke takes extreme pride in offering their clients exceptional music production services at budget-friendly prices. If you are in love with the soulful songs of Subhash Ghai’s superhit movies, singing with professional-quality Bollywood Karaoke Songs available at Regional Karaoke will be a wonderful experience. These magical songs have been in the karaoke playlist of every Bollywood movie lover. A few melodies make a unique spot in our souls and Subhash Ghai songs are truly some of them. Regional Karaoke feels great that they got a chance to work for the legendary filmmaker Subhash Ghai and is looking forward to such golden opportunities in the future.

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