K J Yesudas – Evergreen Songs Of An Endearing Singer

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K J Yesudas – Evergreen Songs Of An Endearing Singer

Kattassery Joseph Yesudas is one of the most prolific singers of India. He has been triumphing the industry with his soulful voice for over six decades. Not just Indian music, the musical maestro has several hits in Bengali, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, other than Hindi and English. He has also lent his voice to Latin, Arabic and Russian. Known as ‘The Celestial Singer’, Mr Yesudas has an unbeaten record of recording 11 songs in different languages in one day. His accomplishment doesn’t cease here at all. The singer has won National Awards 8 times for the best singer playback male, Filmfare Awards South for five times and received the State Award for Best playback singer forty-three times from states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Bengal. The Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan recipient has also received the highest civilian award of Kerala, J.C Daniel Awards and CNN-IBN Outstanding Achievement Award. The legend he is, he has also recorded 16 different songs for four different South movies every day. Therefore, it is well established that K J Yesudas is rightly known as the greatest singer in the history of Indian music. 

It is astonishing how one person can continue flourishing in a frequently evolving industry and still resonate with the audience ranging over generations and generations. The artist has intensively contributed to the Tamil music industry and worked with many musicians like Ilaiyaraja, A.R Rahman, Rajkumar S.A, S. Balachander, Vaidyanathan L., Deva, Gangai Amaran Aadithyan, K.V. Mahadevan, Shankar Ganesh, Vidyasagar and many more. In this blog, we reminisce about some of the many iconic Tamil Karaoke Songs of K.J Yesudas and how he still conquers every soul with his mesmerising voice.

Deivam Thantha: You must have heard this song whether you are from the 1970s or not. It is one of the most significant hits of Yesudas from the movie Aval Oru Thodar Kathai. The song has a haunting melody and profound meaning; every Tamil music loves to the core. 

En Ooru Madhura Pakkam: From the movie Vaasalile Oru Vennila in Yesudas’ incredible voice and soulful lyrics, every rendition of this song becomes a crowd favourite, even for karaoke lovers. 

Enthan Padalgalil: Considered one of the everlasting Tamil songs, Enthan Padalgalil is from Uravai Katha Kili’s movie. A mesmerising duo between Yesudas and BS Sasirekha, this is a go-to song for duet karaoke parties, and you will never cease to enjoy this song. 

Idhaya Mazhaiyil Nanaintha- In the voice of Yesudas and P.Susheela and music by IIlayaraja, it is everyone’s hype song. From the movie Aalukkoru Aasai, this song is a hit on karaoke nights. 

Kangalal: Another hit duet by P.Susheela and Yesudas from Kavingar Vaali is as fresh and rejoicing as yesterday. One can sing this solo, in a duet and even in a group, such as the vigour of this song. 

Kannukkum Kannukkum: IIlayaraja’s music goes in sync the best with Yesudas’s voice, and this song is the proof of that. This overwhelming number from 1980 will strike the chords of your heart even today. It will become a massive part of your karaoke sessions. We challenge you! 

Kani Kandu:You may have heard this song in K.J Yesudas’s voice, but have you heard its rendition by Vijay Yesudas? Soulful music runs deep in the gene pool, and the father-son duo can very well prove you with this song. So go ahead, check both the versions and fall into the common dilemma of voicing which one is better. 

This playlist is an ode to K.J Yesudasji and the magic he has conjured in the people’s hearts for generations across the world. We wish to be continually mesmerised by him and be the hero of all our Tamil Karaoke sessions. So enjoy his art with us only on Regional Karaoke.

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