The Musical Biography of Sidhu Moose Wala

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The Musical Biography of Sidhu Moose Wala

Rap music has certainly arisen as a popular genre in Indian Music. It has brought forth numerous new rappers in the country, because of which we have numerous Indian rappers today. These Indian rappers have given splendid hip-hop rap songs to us.

The different rap kinds like murmur rap, rap metal, desi hip-hop, and lyrical rap are acquiring popularity. Thus, an ever-increasing number of youths are going into the rap world and making new rap melodies. When the wave of hip-hop, rapping, and street art hit the world, India was somewhat close behind. Throughout the long term, there have been various rappers, from the country over who've figured out how to communicate their ideologies and feelings with some seriously amazing tracks. And one big name among them is Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, who lost his life in a tragic incident on May 29, 2022.

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, popularly known as Sidhu Moose Wala among fans, was a much-loved Indian rapper, actor, songwriter, singer, and politician. He was mainly associated with the Punjabi music industry & Punjabi cinema.

Sidhu Moose Wala's Birth, Childhood & Education –

Sidhu Moosewala was born on Jun 11, 1993, in the village of Moosa in Mansa district of Punjab, India. He was born in a Sikh family, his father's name is Balkaur Singh, and his mother's name is Charan Kaur. After completing his school education from S. Chetan Singh Sarvhitkari Sr. Sec Vidya Mandir, Mansa, he went to Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, to complete his graduate degree in Electrical Engineering. Although he was an engineer by education, he greatly admired and was highly influenced by the rapper Tupac Shakur. As he had a strong passion for singing, he started learning hip-hop music at a very small age when he was in 6th standard and learned various other musical skills from Harvinder Bittu in Ludhiana. Many people want to know the reason behind keeping such a nickname; he told people that he chose "Moose Wala' as a tribute to his village Moosa and its people.

Singing Career –

After completing his graduation from Ludhiana, he moved to Canada. After releasing his first song, "G Wagon," and from his live performances in India & Canada, he started becoming popular. His song "So High," which was a big hit, was released on Aug 10, 2017, by Humble Music. Sidhu Moose Wala composed and sang this song, including Sunny Malton and Byg Byrd. BYG BYRD gave music. Video has gotten more than 400 million views on YouTube. The 28-year-old singer shot to fame with a series of popular albums that made everyone his fan.

Political Career –

Moose Wala was actively involved in the campaigning for his mother, Charan Kaur, who won the Sarpanch election from Moosa town in December 2018. Later on Dec 3, 2021, Moose Wala joined Congress to contest the 2022 Punjab Legislative Assembly election. However, Nazar Singh Manshahia, the Congress MLA from Mansa, revolted and went against Moosewala's candidacy. Obtaining just 20.52% votes from the Mansa constituency, he lost to Aam Aadmi Party's Vijay Singla by a big margin of 63,323 votes.

During the 2022 political decision, a case under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code was documented against Moosewala for violating the election code of conduct. He had held a door-to-door campaign in the Mansa constituency, even after the end of the duration of the campaign.

On Apr 11, 2022, Moose Wala released a song named "Scapegoat", in which he mourns his disappointment in the 2022 Punjab state assembly elections. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) guaranteed that Moose Wala, through his melody, suggested that the citizens of Punjab were "gaddar" for choosing AAP. They also asserted that Moose Wala's song perpetuated the Congress' "anti-Punjab" attitude and requested a response from the party's state unit president, Amrinder Singh Raja Warring, on whether he endorsed Moose Wala's views.

Fans, superstars, and politicians have been grieving the tragic passing of Sidhu Moose Wala. The youthful Punjabi artist, aged 28, was killed by two unidentified professional killers in broad daylight in Mansa district, Punjab. While the examination of his abhorrent homicide is still on, fans of the Punjabi artist have been flooding social media with condolence messages and paying tribute to their favorite star. 

Sidhu Moose Wale was quite a controversial singer. He composed and sang a few songs, of which some were so profoundly questionable that it brought trouble to the singer. But, be that as it may, most of his songs were loved by his fans not only in our country but also abroad. 

Drawing vigorously from the genre of gangster rap, his music was a mix of gritty opulence - estimated in weapons and luxury sports vehicles - as he got a handle on life around him. His songs offered unvarnished commentary on the dark underside of the country's heartland, where crime, corruption, and drugs frequently stand out as genuinely newsworthy.

Rap music is a sort that frequently has lyrical expressions of revenge. Furthermore, Moose Wala is no exemption for such songs. Jealousy of his rivals was also a general subject in his music, which was best caught in the smash hit Jatt da Mukabla: "Don't flutter so high, you birds, for if I want, I can buy the sky."

Moose Wala's music has implied various things to various individuals. Some say they respected him for the "boldness and I-don't-mind attitude" that was obvious in his melodies. Others preferred the manner in which he added English words to his Punjabi melodies, which gave them a contemporary sheen.

There's no doubt that he was one of the finest singers who made a place in the heart of everyone. But sadly, he has left us too early. Although it's said that people never die, they remain forever in our hearts. So, to remember this great singer and indulge in his beautiful songs, we compiled a list of his exceptional Punjabi karaoke songs which you can sing along for karaoke in ode to the great singer. 

This melody discusses the expense of telling the truth and how it can draw in debate and hatred. In an eerie incident, the singer released this song in 2021, which is also the exact date of his death.

This is yet another popular song sung & written by Moose Wala. Released in 2018, this song increased its popularity & garnered over 25 Crore views on YouTube.

With foot-tapping background music and snappy verses, this was one of his most famous and cherished songs. Released in 2018, this melody immediately turned into a number one hit for most of his fans.

Same Beef is the title track of the Same Beef released in 2019. The song has catchy lyrics and is composed by Byg Byrd. Bohemia & Sidhu Moose Wala gave their voice to it, making it a magical masterpiece.

The singer gave an ideal reaction to his haters with this melody that addressed how everybody is becoming an enthusiast of his character, style, and music.

The verses of this song closely associated the singer with young people. Released in 2018, Byg Brd produced this song under the label of T-Series. It always remains a hit song, and people like it very much.

This is yet another loved song by Sidhu Moose Wala. Picturing the beautiful landscapes of Canada, the song became a great hit and garnered 91 million views.

Released in the year 2018, 'Jatta Da Muqabla' is one of the most renowned and adored melodies of Sidhu Moose Wala. More than 8 crore people have seen this song. Simultaneously, 18 lakh people have seen the video with its lyrics.

This was the touchiest & the last song of Sidhu, which he released just two weeks before he was murdered. Last Ride is his last song and coincidentally depicts an image of a car and a crime scene, just like how the singer was also shot dead while he was sitting in his car.

The song is full of catchy raps & wonderful hip-hop music. This song is also a hit number from one of the collaborations between the singer and Sunny Malton.

Next on the list is an upbeat track, "Levels." Soon after the song was released it became an instant hit with beautiful music and relatable lyrics.

To reach the heights of success, Sidhu Moose Wala has faced many struggles in life. This inspirational song is all about his journey from being an ordinary man to becoming a famous rapper. 

This is yet another party number from his list of songs. Written, composed, and sung by Sidhu himself, the song is an all-time hit. 

Released in 2018, this song is one of the most adored tunes of the artist. With infectious verses and music, this song is an ideal dance number.

Moose Wala's murder case is yet to be solved. But, in any case, his demise has just burnished the tradition of his music, which depicted the dull fundamental factors of living, surviving, and dying in violent neighborhoods.

Sidhu's sudden heavenly abode leaves an unrecoverable void in the center of Indian music. Nonetheless, life isn't eternal; consequently, nor are we. So then, at that point, the objective isn't to live always yet to make something that will. Sidhu Moose Wala has a short but inspiring journey of chasing his dreams. Keep in mind – not only do dreams come true, however, but dreams also find a way to you, much before you even long for it. The kind singer has taught us to dream and have faith in the journey to achieve success forever. 

Consequently, the commitment of Sidhu to music and the world will remain perpetually in the sands of time and our hearts. You can pay ode to Sidhu’s great music by singing along to customized karaoke of his popular songs in your unique voice. At Regional Karaoke, no artist is ever lost and hence, you can remember the lost soul with these tracks and all the more available only at Regional Karaoke.

Rest in peace and power, Sidhu Moose Wala!


Shiv Prakash
1 year ago

T-shirts with the photo of Siddhu moosewala have become quite common these days. Just like this man himself, his memoirs have become a youth icon.

Radheshyam Bassi
1 year ago

The man from such a humble family background, reached the highest stages of stardom, all with his efforts. My condolences to him.

2 years ago

I will always have respect in my heart, for this selfmade star.

Chameli Thakkar
2 years ago

This man had been a legend in the field of the Punjabi song industry. His songs have been greatly admired among the Punjabi-speaking people all around the globe. His short but strong career is a mammoth in itself and his legend will remain forever.

2 years ago

I still remember when his Tochan song was released I was so obsessed with this song, I will always miss you Paaji!!!

2 years ago

He was my all time favorite singer , Out of all his songs '' So High '' was my favorite one. I can easily listen to that song on repeat mode :-(

2 years ago

The legendary singer Sidhu moose wala will always remain in our hearts, RIP!!!!

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