Top Baisakhi Songs For Your Baisakhi Celebrations 2022

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Top Baisakhi Songs For Your Baisakhi Celebrations 2022

Baisakhi is a significant festival celebrated in the south Asian continent, India, with much love and vigor. It is a prime festival for the Hindus (Vaisakhi) and the Sikh community and marks the rabi crops' spring harvest season. This year, Baisakhi will be celebrated on 14th April 2022. 

It also marks the Sikh new year and observes the formation of the Khalsa band of warriors under the leadership of Guru Gobind Singh back in 1699 after the execution of the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur Singh, under Aurangzeb's reign for not converting in the Islam. Similarly, it marks the solar new year for the Hindus as per the Hindu Vikram Samvat calendar. Other than its cultural relevance, it also commemorates the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The brutal mass murder was committed by the colonial officials of the then British empire. Such was the impact of the incident that it turned the kindling spark of independence into a wildfire.

The celebrations involve Gurudwaras being decorated, community fairs, and kirtans being held. People gather, socialize, and exchange festive delicacies and gifts after bathing in holy rivers and lakes. Towards the evening, people gather up for karaoke parties to have a cheerful time and sing Punjabi karaoke party songs for a great night. While the Sikhs bathe and visit their local Gurudwaras, thousands flock to the Golden Temple, Amritsar, on this occasion. On the other hand, Hindus visit temples and take this as an opportunity to bathe in the holy rivers like Ganga, Kaveri, Jhelum, Chenab, etc.

It is believed that on this day, Goddess Ganga descended on earth from heaven and took the non-celestial form of a river. Insignificance, one of the largest Vaisakhi fairs in India is held at Haridwar, an important Hindu pilgrimage, and hosts around 5 million pilgrims thronging the Brahma Kund in Haridwar to take a dip in the holy river. 

Similarly, Baisakhi is also celebrated by the Hindu community and Indian & Nepalese diaspora worldwide. Nepalese Hindus gather up in traditional outfits like kurtis and Nepalese caps to observe Hindu Solar New Year.

Therefore, the fun, enjoyment, and vigor of Vaisakhi are paramount, and Punjabi karaoke songs compliment it the best; therefore, we at Regional Karaoke bring you the best karaoke playlist for this Baisakhi for ceaseless bhangra and karaoke parties. 

Shukar Dateya Tera


In the voice of Prabh Gill, this song is a devotional track and fits right with the feeling of Baisakhi. We assure you that this song is one such track that brings utmost calmness in the middle of everyday life chaos. 

Satguru Nanak Pargateya

If there is one track that defines serenity, peace, and solemness, we would suggest this track without a second thought. This track is perfect for singing along in karaoke, and you will often hear this playing in Gurudwaras. 

Aisa Des Hai Mera

From the critically acclaimed and much-loved movie Veer Zaara (2004), this song is a crowd favorite, and why not? The song is in the voice of stellar artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Preetha Mazumdar, Gurdaas Maan, and Udit Narayan. 

Apna Punjab Hove

In the voice of none other than the iconic Punjabi singer, Gurdaas Maan, this song can make anyone visualize the mustard seed farmlands of Punjab, the state's vibrancy, and the youthful heart of Punjabis. 


We are sure that you must have come across this Punjabi track in the voice of Bhupinder Gill. Not only is the track popular but also easy to sing along to, making it a personal favorite for every karaoke singer.

Tutak Tutak Tutiya

From the movie Tutak Tutak Tutiya (2016), in the voice of Malkit Singh and Kanika Kapoor, this track is a fun and peppy dance track featuring none other than Prabhu Deva himself. So not only is this song perfect for singing along at your karaoke party, but it will also make everyone groove into bhangra. 

Phatte Chuk Di

This track by Raj Bains is another dance track for which you must be prepped up with some excellent bhangra steps. Also, do remember that since this song is very catchy and easy to sing, you should download it and keep it handy in your Baisakhi bhangra playlist. 

Challa Dhol Remix 

No Punjabi playlist is complete without this dance and perfect karaoke track in the voice of Gurdaas Maan. There are many versions of this song, but we bet that each version remixed gives the same unmatched level of fun. 

Jugni Ji

Lately, Kanika Kapoor has become one of the many famed female Punjabi singers, and this track advocates that. Though it is a remake of the original song sung by Arif Lohar, this song is that one track that turns dance parties into karaoke parties. 

Now that you have your perfect Baisakhi playlist curated, are you worried about where you will get all these tracks in studio standard audio quality, with high definition lyric videos and the most affordable price? You need not worry anymore because we got it all for you only at Regional Karaoke, your true karaoke partner.


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