Top Bengali Karaoke Songs To Download In 2020

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Top Bengali Karaoke Songs To Download In 2020

Still stuck with what to sing on the next event!? Bengali songs can be quite challenging both to sing and choose; first, due to the immense skills and instruments used in the songs; second, due to wide variety of best Bengali songs exist. Choosing one among so many Bengali karaoke songs can be very hard as it must suit your voice, occasion, audience, and the most important it’s perfect karaoke should be available in a pitch or scale that matches your singing pattern. Well, there can be many songs which you can choose but there still exist a challenge of getting best Bengali karaoke songs to download online. To help you solve the issue of both selection and finding karaoke, Regional Karaoke curated a list of top songs you can opt for:

(1) Amar Ekla Akash:

Amar Ekla Akash is a popular Bengali love song, originally sung by Shreya Ghoshal for the movie Ekla Akash released in 2013. This song brings in immense tranquillity to the listeners and is bound to create a moment of calm for your audience. Listen to a sample of the karaoke here.

(2) Aadho Alochaya:

Well, this is a song from a private album released by Indrani Sen, Shrabani, Rukmini, Calcutta Coire and may be a surprise for many to hear you sing those awesome heart-holding lyrics on the amazing Aadho Alochaya karaoke. You should choose this if you are looking for something out of the box.

(3) Aaj Phagune:

It is a folk song by Dola Roy and Abhijit Basu in their melodious voice. The tunes of this songs let you feel the closeness to your culture and intensifies your love for Bengali songs. This song sung with perfect karaoke is bound to leave the audience spell bound.

(4) Bhalobaso tumi shoonechi anek bar:

Originally sung in the harmonious voice of Shyamal Mitra, this Bangla song is amongst those for which karaoke are rarely available. Here is a link to the best quality Bangla karaoke track sample of this amazing song which could possibly be your next pick because of its high energy.

It is essential to understand that even after a perfect song selection, you may find difficulties in finding online regional karaoke tracks, be it Bangla karaoke, Gujarati karaokeMalayalam karaoke, or any other regional karaoke for download with a perfect quality and in a specific format. To sort it out, Regional Karaoke offers you Bengali karaoke tracks for download at the most affordable prices and express deliveries, while also offering you customisation facilities. Select your favourite song from the library or get it customised, or even you can get a medley karaoke track made! Get your favorite Bengali karaoke songs with lyrics. Download Bangla karaoke tracks online soon. Isn’t it super amazing, to get all of it in one place? Let us know what you think below!

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