5 Timeless Kannada Songs to Sing Along to Improve Your Technique

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5 Timeless Kannada Songs to Sing Along to Improve Your Technique

Songs are our life; some have great and catchy melodies, while some have incredible hooks & grooves. A few songs are likewise easy to recall and pleasant to sing. Some have great verses you can connect with. But when it comes to finding songs that can help improve your singing technique, it could be more precise as to the myriads of songs at hand. And if you are searching for some regional language tracks, such as Kannada karaoke songs, it becomes more difficult.

When you are beginning your singing career, you need to sing the melodies that will make the best impression and flaunt your voice in an ideal manner. This is all about tracking down great songs to sing for novices and great practice songs to include in singing lessons. If you are trying your hands on regional language songs, selecting easy songs that help you sing effortlessly and build your confidence is best.

The way to track down the great melodies to sing for amateurs is to comprehend your vocal strengths to guarantee that you bring out your best voice. It's great practice for novices to select a song that suits them and whenever you've made that stride, you will be prepared to push ahead. No matter what your native language is, the beneficial thing about rehearsing a song in another dialect is that you can get rid of the emotional side of the melody and focus on mastering the vocal techniques you have learned. Anything you sing can be a vocal exercise to improve your singing technique, so below, we've listed the top 5 Kannada karaoke songs for beginners to sing.                

This song from the movie Amruthavarshini is sung by famous singers K.S Chithra and S.P Balasubrahmanyam. This song is full of perfect notes; practicing them will help you maintain an even tone and a clear voice. The song is an excellent work of intonation, which is also great to assist you in learning to negotiate the breaks and register shifts. If you love doing something new with your singing, download the EE Sundara karaoke track available here and start practicing.

This song is from the superhit movie Mungaru Male and is sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Priya Himesh. This is another excellent practice song as it starts softly and slowly builds energy. It will likely let you rehearse a wide vocal range. It is also fantastic to sing. Younger artists will very much want to prepare their vocals using this song. This one is also a decent tenor song.

Sevanthiye Sevanthiye is a hit song from the famous movie Suryavamsha. The song is sung by no other than S.P Balasubrahmanyam and is perfect for improving your singing techniques. This song is excellent for experimenting with your voice and will allow you to practice the unusual turns of notes. It is superb and will give you a decent practice melody.

Another great song to practice is Cehluve Ondu Kelthini from the movie Premaloka. The song is sung by legendary singers S.P Balasubrahmanyam and S. Janaki. This song additionally permits you to step by step build vocal power without allowing things to get over the edge and overpowering. So try singing this beautiful song in your voice with professional quality karaoke of this song available right here.

Naguva Nayana is another very versatile track to practice with that works well for singers with a good range. This song is sung by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and S. Janaki and is from the movie Pallavi Anu Pallavi. This one is the best for those who want to try a new type of song. Download the Naguva Nayana karaoke track at the best prices and start singing.

Don't hesitate for even a moment to try different things with songs to make them unique. What are your style and vibe? If you are still deciding, Regional Karaoke brings the best karaoke collection of songs in various regional languages for you to choose and live your dream of being a superstar singer

Alkesh Kumar
11 months ago

This is a fantastic list of timeless Kannada songs to sing along to! Kannada music has a rich cultural heritage, and these songs are not only melodious but also provide a great opportunity to improve our singing technique. "Naguva Nayana" "Baare Baare"  "Munjaane Manjalli" "Mungaru Maleye" "Jotheyali" are my favourites!

Dinesh Patil
1 year ago

I have a huge interest in Kannada songs as kannada songs are very close to my heart because whenever i hear any of the song i go back to my old days as its so pleasant and melodious that i can not control myself to sing , me and my friend wanted to sing few of our favorite kannada songs, but we couldn't find karaoke of those tracks. Glad I found out this amazing piece of information mentioning kannada tracks which really are easy to sing along , thanks for suggesting these songs , it really saved me a lot of time.

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