Top 5 High-Quality Kannada Karaoke Songs To Sing In Your Next Karaoke Event

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Top 5 High-Quality Kannada Karaoke Songs To Sing In Your Next Karaoke Event

Songs! These are the musical masterpieces that play a significant role in every movie. Songs have their importance and are used as the part of the story to make it significant. In the history of Indian cinema, we all have listened to millions and millions of songs in different genres that relate to our mood very well. Be it classical, contemporary, Sufi, Jazz, or just the background music, each indeed assumes a critical part in filmmaking to the degree that the music alone can describe the whole story to you. 

Dissimilar to Hollywood, Indian film has given a most extreme inclination to music. As it were, films in India are deficient without having melodies in them. If we look at the Kannada film, we have countless such songs (old and new) which have made a spot in our souls. While discussing music, Sandalwood has delivered probably the most relaxing and party numbers of the years. 

Karaoke singing is the best medium to communicate a feeling, and we as a whole realize that karaoke music is essential for the soul. Regional Karaoke here comes with a list of popular Kannada Karaoke Songs that are just perfect for singing and creating a magical sonic experience for people around it. 

• Naguva Nayana Karaoke: Sung by the legendary singer S.P Balasubrhamanyam, this song is from Pallavi Anu Pallavi. Be ready to be in the happiest mood by singing this all-time popular Kannada song with prime-quality Karaoke available right here. 

Nesara Nodu Karaoke: This is another evergreen song from the movie Kakana Kote. Sung melodiously by Sulochana, Nesara Nodu is a song that will indeed urge you to sing along with it. Download studio-quality Kannada Karaoke With Lyrics of this all-time popular song and let everyone enjoy it to the fullest. 

Amma Neenu Karaoke: If you are not up for upbeat tracks, then this song is just perfect for you! Amma Neenu is a soothing song from the movie Keralida Simha and strikes straight into the heart with its beautiful lyrics. This song will remain forever in your heart. Download Amma Neenu karaoke tracks at affordable prices right here.

Nannanegoo Naa Ninnanu Karaoke: Sung by famous singers S.P Balasubrahmanyam and S.Janaki Nannanegoo Naa Ninnanu is another melodious Kannada song from the movie Onde Guri. This song is a super-duper hit and has topped the charts for a long time. So croon over this hit number with prime-quality karaoke songs available to download right here. 

Santhosha Bandaaga Karaoke: The song Santhosha Bandaaga from the movie Ganaranjani is another excellent song sung mellifluously by none other than S.P Balasubrahmanyam. This unforgettable Kannada song deserves a sure place in your karaoke playlist always. So download the Kannada Karaoke Music of this song today and start singing. 

So folks, what are you waiting for? Download the karaoke version of these popular Kannada songs at unbeatable prices, available only at Regional Karaoke. We have a vast collection of thousands of Kannada karaoke songs in every genre for you to sing along with!

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Alka Bahri
1 year ago

Although I am not a Kannada-speaking person. The Kannada songs have been my favorite option for a mood boost.

2 years ago

As a singer, I always look for a song that can enhance my voice and as well as soothes the environment when I sing that particular song and I think "Amma Neenu" would be perfect for me. Thanks for the list.

2 years ago

Great Blog !! Out of the above-listed tracks, Naguva Nayana is my most favorite track as it was sung by the legend S.P Balasubrhamanyam Ji.

2 years ago

What a perfect site for finding karaoke tracks of songs in different languages.

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