New Karaoke Songs Are Now Uploaded! Check Out At Regional Karaoke

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New Karaoke Songs Are Now Uploaded! Check Out At Regional Karaoke

Mumbai, 14th August 2021 – Singing facilitates opportunities for emotional expression and benefits our mental and physical health in numerous ways. It is a kind of therapy that benefits us collectively and individually too. It is a connecting tool and a powerful way to connect people. Karaoke singing is a great stress reliever after a hectic day and helps you get rid of boredom. No matter how stressful your day was or how tough this pandemic time is for you, Regional Karaoke always finds new ways to keep you all happy!

We bring you the latest Karaoke Songs freshly added to our ever-growing karaoke library. Singing karaoke brings tons of remarkable health benefits and strengthens the bond between friends and family when they sing and enjoy together. At Regional Karaoke (Part of Carry a Tune Studio), we bring the latest and most loved karaoke songs in various regional languages for everyone at starting prices as low as USD 3.99.

Everybody loves to sing along to their favorite artists and exemplary hits, but sometimes they find it hard to search for the regional karaoke tracks online. For all those who are looking for the karaoke version of any specific song, we are ready to get it for them instantly. From Bengali and Punjabi Karaoke Songs to Malayalam and Telugu Karaoke Songs, we have an extensive collection of over 15000 karaoke songs for you to choose from!

We know there’s a lot of hassle in finding your favorite karaoke songs in different regional languages, so we’re here to help. Every month, we’re uploading fresh karaoke songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and many more languages so that you can find everything in one place. We are lovers of music who strive hard to provide an excellent platform with more than 15000+ songs for professional singers and amateur artists to download and enjoy singing to them anytime and anywhere.

We produce studio-quality karaoke tracks with lifetime accessibility exclusively for you. Our highly experienced team of best sound engineers working in different studios across the country perfectly understands your karaoke requirements and offers you professional karaoke songs that sound exactly like the original ones.

We constantly update our karaoke library by customizing 30 new tracks every day, including tracks from various genres. So get access to the unparalleled collection of Regional Karaoke songs that are just the best to perform in your next live show, house-warming parties, evening parties, or at any other such event. We work on finding new ways and keep ourselves ready to provide the best resources and quick support to the people assisting them in fulfilling their potential as singers and enriching their talent.

Check out what exclusive karaoke collection you have missed and follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on our latest karaoke uploads. We hope to be your eternal companion in your musical journey and promise to offer the best services to keep you in tune with our melodious karaoke songs. 

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