Singing Sensation Arjun Kanungo All Set to Tie the Wedding Knot Carla Dennis!

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Singing Sensation Arjun Kanungo All Set to Tie the Wedding Knot Carla Dennis!

Arjun Kanungo, the popular new age singer is all set to marry his long-time fiancee Carla Dennis this August 10. Both of them have planned to marry as per Hindu traditions. Surprisingly, Carla will pair her bridal outfit with her mother-in-law’s jewelry. 

Talking about Carla, Arjun says, “She very well understands Indian weddings and has, in fact, taken over the prep completely. She decided the venues and hired a wedding planner to keep things perfect. She also selected my outfits for the wedding. Even though her family is not from India, they too are very excited about our traditions and are eagerly working on their Indian wedding attire and prep.” 

The duo has also planned to hold a white wedding next year. Arjun shares, “We will be hosting this in April 2023 in the UK. This is for Carla and her near and dear ones.” 

While he prepares for two weddings, Arjun didn't thought of getting married prior in his life. “I never thought I would ever get married. Carla changed my life! She’s the reason we are in a successful relationship and are getting married. She never pushed me to get married. Although I knew that she wanted to get married, she had given up as she knew my thoughts. She was okay not getting married as long as we were together and happy. Seeing that Carla was willing to adjust, I thought that if she was willing to compromise for me, why was I being so stubborn?” 

Right after getting married in August, the couple will take off for their vacation. The vacation they have picked has an emotional story. He shares, "We are intending to go to Japan. It remains as a cherished memory to us. I recollect following three years of being together, our relationship had hit choppy waters. I planned to Japan for work and requested that Carla go along with me. During our visit there, we experienced lovely feelings with each other again. Had not Carla gone along with me in Japan, perhaps we would have separated. That is the reason we need to go there for our honeymoon.” 

The couple has been in a relationship for seven years and has been planning to get married in some time. Their wedding will be a three-day affair in Mumbai in the presence of family and friends. This included a Mehendi ceremony on August 9, a wedding ceremony on August 10, and a reception on August 11!


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